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Free services


Taxi services in the hotel "Ural"

Often our guests ask questions: "How to call a taxi?"; "Which taxi is better?"; “Where is cheaper?”; “How to book a transfer to the hotel?” and etc.

We will help you and order a taxi for you: promptly, mobilely and most importantly - safely and with a high level of service.

Ordering a taxi is easy!

Just call the hotel administrator by phone: (343)-318-31-02 or 109, 0 (from the room) and the car will be served within 15-20 minutes or at a convenient time for you.

Free Wi-Fi

High-speed Wi-Fi is an important advantage of the Ural Hotel, when guests can immediately solve all the necessary issues related to leisure and work

Free parking

Hotel guests are free to use the parking area for the safe location of their own or rented cars.

Luggage room

The luggage room is open around the clock and is located on the ground floor

Ironing room

You can use the iron and ironing board in the lobby on the 3rd and 5th floors

Cold breakfast

At early check-out guests are offered cold breakfast.


All rooms at the Ural Hotel are equipped with electronic safes.


At your request, we can provide you with a cot in the room.

Wake up call

At your request, we can wake you up at a special time for you.

The provision of threads and needles

At your request, we can give you a complex of colored threads and a needle

Providing drinking water from a cooler

On each floor of the hotel there are coolers with hot and cold water

Pay services

Buffet Breakfast

Buffet breakfast is included in the room rate!

The breakfast menu is varied and you can choose what you like:

homemade cakes, cereals, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, casserole, pancakes, sausages, fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat slices, drinks.

Breakfast time from Mon-Fri: 7-30 to 10-00, Sat.-Sun. 7-30 to 10-00

Complex Lunches and dinners.

The Ural Hotel has a cafe on the ground floor and we are very glad to offer you complex lunch or complex dinner in a cafe. The menu includes dishes of traditional Russian, European cuisine: a variety of snacks, hot dishes of amazing flavor combinations, hearty steaks. At your request, meals can be included in the room rate.